Q: How do I buy Pluma Jewelry pieces? 

A: Pluma Jewelry collection is available to view at Thread on Grandview or Thread on High in Dublin. Please visit www.shopthreadonline.com. Collections at Thread vary since most pieces are one of a kind. You may also see Pluma Jewelry at various special events or visit the shop page.  Please check the events page for upcoming events.

Q: Can I buy through the website?

A: Yes! Some pieces will be available for purchase through www.plumajewelry.com.  Quantities are limited and selections vary.  If you don't see what you are looking for just shoot us an email.


Q: I like a necklace from the  collection archive.  Can I buy it? 

A: The collection archive is an example of recent work.  Chances are the piece is no longer available.  Take note of the description and the stone and let me know and I may have something like it available.  Who knows….. you may love it more.


Q: Can I do a custom order? Even for a large party like a wedding party?

A: Of course! Custom orders are always welcome.  We'll work together to make something amazing.